Interim Solutions

Filling temporary vacancies is also a part of comprehensive Resource Management: Are you looking for increased capacity or very specific technical know-how for a project or interim situation? We can find you a suitable Interim Manager, the right freelancer, a loyal service provider offering the skills you are looking for within the right salary range.

To do so, we draw on the established processes of Direct Search, enhance them and shorten time frames.

Exact definition of sought-after skills

We identify the sought-after skills and personality profiles from your requirements and define the search strategy. We approach freelancers directly from our database, use social and professional networks and find suitable service providers based on our market knowledge.

All potential candidates are interviewed

As with Direct Search, we only introduce you to candidates to whom we have already spoken: We have checked a candidate’s skill profile, availability for the required time period, place of work, salary rate and other basic conditions before we recommend them to you.

Fast is important

Do you want to set up your team quickly, especially if you have had changes within your current project requirements?
We can determine your requirements immediately and quickly provide you with the first profiles.

Research or a full service?

After selecting the freelancers you have one further choice:

  • We can manage the entire contract and financial processes with the freelancer and remain your only contract partner or
  • You can become the freelancer’s contract partner and pay for our services by means of a commission agreement

Both options have their own merits – the choice is yours.

Fast and comprehensive – we have your solution and today’s salaries.


Dr. Jörg Schneider

Dr. Jörg Schneider

Managing Partner
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