Retention Management – Integration

It is extremely important to retain employees within the company in times where there is a shortage of skilled workers and the ever-increasing investment associated with success Human Resources recruiting. The successful integration of new employees completes the first key step towards Retention Management.

The first days and weeks of employment within the company have proven to be incredibly important for the motivation and identification of a new employee within the company. If we want to retain new employees within the company in the long term, a systematic and targeted inplacement process can be the key factor to this success.

Once the new employee has joined the company he needs to find his place within the workforce. Most new employees worry less about fulfilling their technical requirements than being accepted by colleagues. They often join a well-established team that has existed for many years in which newcomers are initially regarded as intruders. The team and the respective managers play a major role in the initial training and integration of a new employee as they have valuable information that the new employee needs and can lend their support with help and advice in the first few weeks.

We have developed a concept showing how new employees can be integrated into a company in a systematic and targeted manner. This concept should be used to ensure that organisational requirements are in place for the company’s successful operation, the newcomer is fully informed about his new employer, he gets to know the company structure and can assimilate this and knows his working environment.
The integration process is subdivided into four time periods to increase its effectiveness: the recruiting phase, phase prior to starting work, starting work and after starting work. Special tools and methods are applied for each of these phases that can support and optimise the initial training and integration.
The extremely practical concept should act as a catalogue of measures for companies from which they can select instruments for their own practical requirements based on their needs and demands.


Dr. Jörg Schneider

Dr. Jörg Schneider

Managing Partner
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