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“They can literally be classed as people who normally do not have the time because they always need to be on hand for other people’s important matters.
Peter F. Drucker (*1909), American Teacher of Management Studies

As time is the scarcest commodity for top professionals, they demand special attention and services from Human Resources Consultants in the search for new challenges.

We can provide this!

Job opportunities solely for top professionals

We have addressed this issue by setting up our own TopPROF™ service line. In the area of Direct Search you can view all job opportunities for top professionals at a glance and, in addition, you also of course enjoy direct contact with our partners.

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Undercover employment market

Another problem for top professionals is the so-called undercover employment market.  Many of our clients’ managers have new business ideas in their heads but just do not have the time (see the above quote) to present the whole entity in a business case and introduce the necessary steps. They are unwittingly waiting for a qualified top professional to “cross their path.”

Top professionals are known in the market

A top professional who wants to change jobs cannot simply contact companies to enquire whether there are any opportunities within the company based on his experience and contacts. There is a risk here that the market will become aware of his desire to change jobs.

We can help here!

Anonymous enquiry

Together with the top professional we can draw up an anonymous enquiry summarising his qualification, customer and employee network and expectations from a new position.

Anonymity is guaranteed!

At the same time we discuss with the top professional any potential companies to which we should send the anonymous enquiry. We will only send the enquiry to clients that the top professional considers worthwhile.

The top professional is always in control!

Our clients know about anonymous enquiries

Our clients know about and appreciate anonymous enquiries as we opt for this type of communication twice a week at present. This shows us the quick response to the enquiries.

We act as a backstop as well

If we received a positive response from the client we then ask the top professional whether or not we can send them his detailed information (C.V., certificates, etc.). We only forward on this documentation once we receive confirmation from the top professional.

Discussions at short notice

The anonymous enquiry prepared our client’s manager for the top professional and made him curious (=for something new!). He expects detailed information and, in our experience, this accelerates the process for further discussions if the documents are given a positive assessment.

Top Professionals demand other processes – we act accordingly!


Dr. Jörg Schneider

Dr. Jörg Schneider

Managing Partner
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