Direct Search

“Well begun is half done” (Aristotle)

It is therefore essential for us to conduct a detailed analysis of the current situation before each project: a study of the position, the business environment and the competitiveness of the offer.
We draw up a position profile together with our clients.

Clear project assignment

We handle each individual search assignment as a project. At the outset we discuss with the partners which member of the team would be best suited to handling the project. What counts here is excellent industry know-how and a proven network of candidates that the team member has generated over the years.

This makes us faster than others!

Good people have no reason to apply

But it is these very candidates that we need to reach. This is why direct contact, by whichever medium, and a “heading” that immediately attracts individuals to the position, are the tools of an innovative Human Resources Consultant.
Finding search channels, suitable experts and top performers are as complex as the requirements of our clients and are detailed below:

  • Classic direct contact
  • E-recruiting in internal and external recruiting databases (our own database contains over 200,000 candidates)
  • Identification of and contact with candidates via social networks ( e.g. Xing, Experteer, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Job Twitter (at )
  • Online advertisement

All potential candidates are interviewed

Prequalification is one of our key competitive factors. We can only offer our clients added value if we speak to any potential candidates beforehand.
This is why each potential candidate has an interview with our industry expert to match their qualification, expectations and current financial framework to the position profile.

This is why we are recommended to others!

Every decision takes its time

If the candidate’s criteria match with that of the position and the client is interested in further discussions, we always like to reflect on this overnight. We then only place an applicant with a client when he has given us positive feedback.

Cool, calm and collected!

Our projects are not black boxes

With our company you are always kept up-to-date with the status of your search because you have access to our internal system where you can track the individual project steps.
We will however also gladly send you project status reports from the system at regular intervals.

Greater transparency is impossible!


Dr. Jörg Schneider

Dr. Jörg Schneider

Managing Partner
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