About Us

Our passion is enabling our customers to benefit from our many years of experience within the industry. Even in the early days, Human Resources was a focus for our customers. We have consistently focused on this and will continue to do so in the future.
Our customers wanted us to be able to offer the same professional prequalification for freelancers as we do for permanent employees in light of our excellent experience.

What the customer wants, the customer gets!

Our customer portfolio ranges from small and medium-sized companies to global corporations with over 150,000 employees.

Candidates are also our customers!

We also take the needs and wishes of this group of customers seriously. The very latest example of this is the introduction of the TopPROF service for top professionals as this group of individuals demands other processes and approaches than in the classic Direct Search.

Our quality aspiration

We are therefore able to continue to guarantee quality for our customers. With our current team we are now in a position to offer professional support to our customers in all phases of an employee’s career (recruiting, retention, release).

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