Talent Management

Why Talent Management?

The changing conditions in global markets that as a whole contribute to ever fiercer competition for qualified and talented employees make it essential to gain and retain these talents because

  • demographic change increases the shortage of workers and managers predominantly in western industrial countries,
  • knowledge plays an ever greater role in comparison to technical skills and therefore increases the demand for qualified and creative employees,
  • the capacity for innovation is becoming a decisive competitive factor in western industrial countries and therefore this is associated with a higher demand for innovative personnel.

Talent Management follows strategy

Talent Management is a long-term focus unlike with Direct Search, for example. The characteristics and experiences of future managers must however be consistently and predictively harmonised with the requirements of the strategy.
The realisation that the success of strategies is primarily dependent on managerial personalities is not new.

Internal / external talents

Development is primarily an internal function of Talent Management that benefits those with high potential in particular. It consists of a central tool to assign these employees particularly challenging tasks, to send them abroad but also to offer them specific training,

but who actually takes care of external talents?

This means either candidates to whom you are unable to offer a suitable position at present or candidates who are not currently available to work for your company.

We offer Talent Relationship Management

We assume the responsibility for this extremely time-consuming task and take care of your external talents by setting up a company-specific talent community.

We endeavour to establish a long-term relationship through targeted measures that are geared to the preferences of the respective candidates.

Typical measures include: regular telephone or written contact, newsletters, invitations to company events, despatch of company magazines.

You of course can see our activities with the individual talents by accessing our systems and can therefore manage your talent community.

Retain your external talents today for tomorrow’s strategy!


Dr. Jörg Schneider

Dr. Jörg Schneider

Managing Partner
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