Recruiting Chain Management

We consider recruiting to be a comprehensive process with different functions that our clients can select as a service.

Human resources planning

Our clients need our industry and market experience at the Human Resources planning stage as we can assess the feasibility as well as providing valuable information about the current market salary rates.

Creating a requirements profile

It’s all about finding the right balance! An excellent awareness of the recruiting market is essential when creating a requirements profile. If we define too few requirements or any that are inaccurate then we receive too many applications, but generally from the wrong candidates.

If we list too many requirements in a profile, then candidates do not feel that we are addressing them and they do not apply.

Receipt of applications

The daily number of speculative applications minimises the actual value-added role of Human Resources departments, such as Talent Management or Retention Programmes. The result: employees are dissatisfied with the Human Resources department. Simply outsource this task to us where you will always maintain transparency with the access that you have to our integrated system with workflow components.

Selection of recruiting channels

Different vacancies and different candidates require different recruiting channels.

Candidate contact

Our philosophy: candidates should not feel worried by our contact. This is why we generally contact our pool of candidates initially by E-mail or SMS. We also ensure that we do not approach candidates too often as this is the only way to ensure that they are receptive to our news.

Qualified preselection

All applications that we receive are examined by our industry experts and only approved for a candidate interview if they receive a positive assessment.

Interview and assessment

If the agency considers that the individuals’ applications have qualified for a position then they are interviewed in person or by telephone by our industry experts regardless of whether this is for a permanent or temporary position.

“Back-office” activities such as checking reference and coordinating appointments

We are also happy to handle routine tasks, such as checking references or coordinating appointments between clients and candidates.

Presentation of suitable candidates

Alongside the candidate’s application that we pass on as an original document without any amendments, our clients also receive information about the candidate’s motives for changing jobs.

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