Retention Management

Retaining employees within a company has become one of the human resource issues that exist at present.
This can also be seen in a study “Talent Management in Medium-sized Businesses – With Innovative Strategies to Combat a Shortage of Skilled Workers” by the auditing and consulting company Ernst & Young in cooperation with the ESCP (European School of Management) in Berlin, in which 700 companies participated.

63% of the companies consider employee retention to be of major and very great significance. Preventing the fluctuation of employees has an even greater priority than recruiting new employees: At 45%, recruiting is only the fifth most important issue in the Human Resources departments of medium-sized companies.

Talent Management is however in our opinion only a building block to retaining employees in the long term, as this also requires methods and techniques such as:


How can new employees be integrated into a company in a systematic and targeted manner?


Do all managers have the right ‘knack’ for new employees?

Retention programmes

Have you exhausted every opportunity for your employees, e.g. direct insurance or the purchase of a private PC through the pre-tax deferred compensation scheme?

Reputation Management

Why does an employee finally leave the company? How can we prevent this in the future? How do external individuals view your company? How do the internal and external views compare?

Talent Management

Who is talented and how should they be encouraged?

We are happy to support you in preparing the ideal employee retention scheme for your company.
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