Coaching is another important tool of a Human Resources development and takes high priority within companies. There has been an ever-increasing use of coaching within companies since the Trigon Coaching Survey in 2007. In 65% of the organisations questioned coaching is used in certain situations as an HR-tool predominantly for managers.
In specific situations managers develop management skills at the right time if expert support is available from a coach.
Our many years of experience have shown us that an individual development programme is therefore the most effective coaching approach for newly appointed managers.
A manager typically has teething problems after around 100 days and these can be dealt with in a completely confidential setting on the basis of a collaborative alliance with a coach.
Seven teething problems have emerged as key issues for coaching.

Managers must suddenly prove themselves in different roles

You are a manager for your employees, a member of the management team, struggle for resources and should cooperate synergistically within the organisation.
Coaching helps to understand and embrace these different roles.

Employee performance should be improved

The key tool for this is a “good appraisal interview.”
It is “random,” helps to prevent conflict, increases motivation and strengthens ties with your manager.
Coaching helps to understand this tool, to incorporate it in the employee, management and negotiation phase and to reflect on and learn from the result.

Conflict should be recognised and resolved

Managers should direct communication towards the prevention of conflict. They should also build up expertise in handling conflict.
Coaching helps to understand and utilise conflict resolution methods and to build on experiences.

The top priorities of the company should be implemented

The manager should act according to his own priorities concentrating on matters that are absolutely essential, such as operating efficiency, strategy and interest groups.
An effective measuring system should identify key objectives.
Coaching helps the manager to focus and involves the “whole person” in the process.

The efficiency of the department should be improved by delegating responsibility instead of doing it yourself.

Personal time management should focus on guiding, developing and managing employees.
Coaching helps to achieve the greatest turnaround! Manage instead of doing it yourself.

Managers should cooperate and assert themselves at the same time.

The desired effect of a manager is to gain influence on others.
Coaching helps to understand and utilise the principles of cooperation and to learn from experience.

Managers should be stress resistant and avoid burnout.

Coaching helps to raise awareness of self-esteem concepts, identify self-esteem in various situations and to raise awareness of personal time management and managing priorities.

The success of the first managerial role is the stepping stone to further promotion.


Dr. Jörg Schneider

Dr. Jörg Schneider

Managing Partner
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