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Do you want to set up new business divisions or service new industries?
Do you ask yourself why your competitor's sales are "always one step ahead?"
Or why your new products are always launched a "little bit too late" onto the market?

Now we can react to the above questions with Direct Search by experts but the success is not shaped by individuals but instead through teamwork:

"Ultimately, we can reduce all economic processes to three words: people, products and profit. People are the first priority. It is not possible to do a lot with the other two if you do not have a good team." Lee Iacocca, 1924, American Top Manager

Another alternative would be company acquisitions (M&A) but these are generally time-consuming and expensive and carry significant risks.
Let's take a look at the Teamhunting, Direct Search and M&A options in SWOT analyses:

SWOT Analysis - Teamhunting

Strengths Opportunities
  • Speed as a team is able to work immediately
  • Team members are all included in the decision to change
  • Other teams get in contact with you as companies committed to teamhunting
Weaknesses Risks
  • The team to be contacted must be very similar
  • Each team member must be "picked up" individually
  • Only works up to a critical team size (up to 30 employees)
  • Successful integration of the team into the new company
  • Team remains a "company in a company"

SWOT Analysis - Direct Search

Strengths Opportunities
  • Exact structure and integration of individuals
  • Setup of a "green field" division
Weaknesses Risks
  • A manager alone is not yet "able to work"
  • High start-up costs until the new unit is set up and break-even is achieved
  • Individual recruiting requires a great investment in time and lasts a long time
  • Recruiting of other experts by the manager fails

SWOT Analysis - M&A

Strengths Opportunities
  • Is not dependent on the number of employees
  • Major PR impact
Weaknesses Risiks
  • Only the interests of the proprietors are pursued, not those of the employees
  • Lengthy negotiations
  • Proprietors demand exorbitant purchase prices
  • Unsuitable products or services must be transferred as well
  • Migration of expertise after the acquisition


If you are thinking about inorganic growth strategies then benefit from our experience gained from our involvement in a large number of teamhunting projects!